• Is the pool enclosed and heated?

    Yes Cools Swim School is an indoor pool. We are heated to 32 degrees Celsius all year round for the comfort of learning swimmers.

  • Should I continue lessons in the colder months of the year?

    Absolutely. Our pool is enclosed from the elements and heated to a toasty 32 degrees Celsius. No matter what the conditions and temperature outside is - it is always warm in our pool. If you stop during winter, the childs ability will regress and it will take some time to get back to where they were.

  • How safe is your pool water?

    We use Ozone as our primary sanitiser. Ozone is the most powerful sanitiser known and is world's best practice. Ozone has been used in every Olympic Games pool since 1984. This substantially reduces the risk of being exposed to harmful water born viruses and bacteria in our pool. It makes the water soft and reduces exposure to harmful chemicals such chlorine and acids.

  • Do you provide make up lessons?

    Yes - we offer one make up lesson per block. We operate as gym memberships or daycares, private schools, sporting clubs do. If you do not make it to a lesson you still pay. Another child could be in the lesson you do not attend and we must pay the teacher as per schedule. You must call in 24 hours prior to the swim lesson cancellation for the make up lesson to be recognised.

  • What should I do if my child is crying in a class?

    All of our teachers are equipped to deal with a crying child whether it be due to their fear of the water or separation anxiety. From past experience we have found the most effective way for you to reduce the chance of this happening is to routinely come to lessons and not to prolong the act of parting with your child.

  • Are your teachers qualified?

    Yes all of teachers hold certificates from Austswim or Swim Australia. Cools Swim School is recognised as an Austswim Assessor centre. We test the teachers for competence for Austswim. We also require our staff to attend in-house training seminars to ensure their knowledge is up to date with our policies and the industry standard.

  • How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

    Learning to swim is journey that is difficult to put a time frame on. Every child is different and is treated as such in our lessons with their own learning pace.

  • How much are your lessons?

    Lessons are based on the normal 10 week school term. The cost is $160.00 for the ten weeks.If you want to do casual lessons the cost is $25.00 per lesson.

    Private one on one lessons are $60.00.

  • How long to classes go for?

    30 minutes. Please ensure you are on time for the lesson, as lessons begin and end on time.

  • How many children in the class?

    For babies and toddlers with parents in the pool (beginners) the maximum number is 6 per class.

    For learn to swim classes (where the parent is out of the water) the maximum class size is 4.

  • What times and days are available?

    We are closed Sunday and Monday (except for pool hire and parties)
    Our Swimming lessons for babies and children not at school are held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

    For school aged children lessons are held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons and on Saturday mornings. Please call to make a booking or to place your name on the waiting list.

  • What do I need to bring along?

    For children 3 and under a swim nappy is required by law. We sell swim nappies at reception.
    We prefer all children over 3 wear a swimming cap and goggles.

    Bring a towel and togs and something warm to change into after class.