Pay for Something

This video demonstrates the infant and toddler program at Cools Swim School. This 6 month old baby learnt how to rescue herself in one block of lessons. Her first float was at 3 months and within 3 months progressed to this level. If an accidental fall into the pool occurred, instead of sinking silently or finding herself face down, this bub can float to save herself. The other option in swimming lessons is water awareness..... singing songs, playing with toys and pouring water over the face. It would NOT save her life. Why pay a swim school to do something anyone can do? Why go to a swim school unless you are teaching self preservation skills? If you want water awareness (play based) contact us and we will provide you with ideas on songs and toys for free!


Time for a cools change?

At a swim school that are doing the same things in lessons as 3 months ago, 1 year ago? Are the alarm bells ringing? Want to get results? At Cools we are known as the swim school that gets those results. We report on each child's progress throughout the swimming block to ensure everyone progresses. 

Get serious about learn to swim and change to Cools!