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Cools Swim School is a heated indoor ozone pool (HI-OP). The industry best standards. The pool is heated to 32 degrees Celsius all year. Our centre uses the worlds best sanitation equipment. There is off street parking and Cools Swim School is located in the Tweed CBD.  With warm showers, disabled toilet, change rooms and baby change tables.  We  try our hardest to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere . Ample seating is provided around our swimming areas so you can watch your child in comfort. Grab a coffee and enjoy watching your child grow with swimming.


Think you can get better than ozone for pool sanitation? Think again. Ozone is the most powerful sanitiser in the world.

This water  makes its way through our advanced treatment system which combines ozone and small amounts of Chlorine to create an exceptionally soft water that is highly sanitised. This substantially reduces the risk of swimmers being exposed to harmful water born viruses and bacteria in our pool.